How Long Does It Take For Prozac (fluoxetine) To Leave Your System?

I have been on Prozac for 4 months for anxiety, but it has given me horrible side effects and has just made my anxiety worse. I’m just wondering, if I stop taking it, how long does Prozac take to leave your system? And how long would it take for the side effects to go away??

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  1. Prozac has one of the longest half lives of any SSRI, which means that it’ll take a while to for you to get weaned off it. If you change or stop to dosage, then you’ll be at risk for SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome and you could experience some nasty side effects including dizziness, headaches, vomiting, or other flu like symptoms. Those probably wouldn’t last more than a few weeks, but it would be much healthier to go off Prozac under a psychiatrist or GP’s supervision.
    In any case, I’d suggest you talk to your psychiatrist and make a plan for your med’s. If you don’t like Prozac you can always switch to another SSRI, there are sooo many.

  2. It depends on the source of the side effects, but generally most medications will be cleared within five half-lives, which for fluoxetine could be as long as 30 days to completely clear your system. Generally the effects should at least start to clear up within two weeks though.
    HOWEVER, consult your doctor before you go cold turkey with any psych meds.

  3. other answers have given you a time frame, but Prozac is such an old drug, been around for 20/30 years at least, I was on it in 1980s. Has been superceded by much more refined drugs. If your GP is treating you, ask for referral to Psychiatrist, who will be much better qualified to treat your condition and be more aware of the latest in drugs. Good luck

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