How Long Does It Take For Prozac To Get Into Your System?

I have just started taking prozac yesterday (4-29-07) and I am still feeling depressed, how long does it take for prozac to get into your system and for you to start feeling better?

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  1. Prozac is antidepressant. It is also used for some other psychiatric disorders. It is started at low dose and the dose is gradually increased keeping an eye on the side effects and symptoms of illness. Some people have side effects initially that go away with the passage of time. Your body needs at least a few weeks before you can see the full therapeutic benefit. Psychiatrists wait and see patients and if needed increase the dose gradually. You might not see any improvement for a few weeks. People mostly take about four to six weeks before they start feeling better. It is not wise to increase the dose rapidly since then it will cause serious side effects necessitating discontinuation of medicine. You must be under doctor’s supervision if taking Prozac.

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