How Many Paracetamol Tablets Would It Take To Overdose?

How Many Paracetamol Tablets Would It Take To Overdose?The reason why supermarkets are restricted to packs of 16 tabs. is that it could take as little as twenty tablets to kill you.The BMJ reckons that 32 would be a lethal dose:…But other factors such as body mass and the time scale of taking the tablets have to be taken into account.Appart from the obvious, a sad fact is that if an overdose is taken as a ‘cry for help’, unless the stomach is emptied and an antidote given very quickly, the sufferer can still die several days later in agony with liver failure.


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  1. If you are asking this because you intend to take too many tablets speak to your best friend or partner immediately. Things will always be better as time progresses, you don’t want to miss out on not having any future.
    I twice thought I was going to die from a severe illness when I was younger and lost all interest in life. I survived and have had many happy years since, none of which I ever expected to have in my earlier moments of deep despair.
    Paracetamol tablets may have different strengths, the maximum is 500 mg for each tablet. The recommended safe dose is two tablets every 4 hours until you feel better, but no more than 8 tablets in a 24 hour period.

  2. back in 2003, i took an overdose of paracetmols, i took 24 widin 2 hours, at first i was fine but after abt 6 hoursa i started 2 feel real dizzy and started 2 throw up every 3-4 mintues, ma hubby (ma boyfriend at da time) found out from ma sis wot i done he den forced me 2 hospital to they A&E, i had 2 get treatment urgently and stay in hospital for 1 nite, den in 2005 i took em again dis time 1t was 16 tablets again i started 2 throw throughout da whole day, i was v.lucky dat i didnt suffer from ay liver damage coz there r alot of ppl who actually die from liver failure bcoz of dis, and now if i have a headache or sumthin i cant even manage 2 swallow 1 paracetomal coz of wot i did in the past its difficult for me to take any tablet or capsule. but go and c ur GP ASAP if ur feeling abit down takecare hun x

  3. I don’t know but I do know that a paracetamol overdose leads to a slow and very painful death from liver failure.

  4. Fewer than most people think! These seemingly harmless tablets can cause death – and a very slow and painful one – if more than the recommended dose is taken. Beware!

  5. im realy not sure .but strange question to ask.
    are you thinking of taking them?
    please dont do anything silly.
    im here if you want to talk….im a good listener.
    email me .

  6. Yesterday i took 2 paracetomol tablets at the same time as 2 lemsip tablets. I then realised that lepsip tablets have 500mg of paracetomol in them so i have taken 2000mg (double the recommended maximum dose). Should i consult a doctor or is this okay as a once off?

  7. i took 33 paracetamol and 16 ibuprofen, last yr in november. i had to stay in hospital over night on a drip to protect my liver from failing for 16 hours that made me vomit from 9pm – 4am. it was one of the worst experiences ever i wouldn’t bother to o.d on paracetmol again. 19 paracetmol is enough to cause scarring of the liver, any thing over that is cause forconcern

  8. i took 50 before as well as 11 tramadol tablets,
    seriously i didn’t die.
    i just spent the next 24 hours being sick, going dizzy and feeling really hot and cold, also feeling as if aload of things where crawling all over me, i was so itchy.
    its horrible

  9. well i take 500mg x40 every night for sleep its called mercyndol in a space of an hour still dont get much sleep about 8 hours a week so now im on 2 mg of hypnodorm aswell bit better guess im just going to have to live with it have been for 33 years but its just started wearing me down recently oh i get blood test done every 2 weeks so to answer the question it depends on the person 5 could kill 100 could kill but over a certain period of time it WILL KILL

  10. 4 years ago i took a mixture of 20 paracetmol and 30+ ethadrine capsuals. At first i was fine and then about an hour later i felt very dizzy, almost like i was drunk and walking into the floor. I started being sick which had small black dots everywhere. I didnt go to hospital my boyfriend at the time got me a bottle or water and i went home. I remember that night just feeling very drunk and continuously was sick. The next day the pain started and went on for over a week, and i couldnt atop being sick. I remember being in so much pain thinking please let me be okay and i will never do anything so silly again. I didnt go to hospital i nursed myself back to health because i was scared of what my parents would say/do. If things are really getting you down so much that you look to overdose as a way out remember it doesnt always work and the pain your left with in some what unbarable. Go to the doctors and get proper medication.

  11. i took an overdose of 200 tablets when I was 15. My mother fucking watched me and I survived through intensive care when all she had to say was are you happy now. Everyone around me thinks Im fucking great but Im counting up to take 400 to do the job properly this time. Dats how I fucking feel and to all my family and church. Fuck u

  12. Way this comment is for u.I don’t know how late it is but hope it reaches u..noone in this world is worth ur health.u die only u will die..people r so busy life will move on..buck up girl..get with something.I am no no one to talk being a housewife and 2 miss carriages but I believe I will not cry or di or any of that rubbish..I’m going to adopt and make that baby my own give it the best he or she has ever seen..I don’t want to throw away everything..ever.I have such bad insomnia taking medicines every night sometimes 2 pills sometimes only half but god I am determined that even after these 8 years it will end some day..ur strong but u don’t case about that strength anymore..don’t fail so fast….god bless

  13. 24 hour ago i took 9 paracetamol and 3 ibrofen, ive been sick today and been a little tired but other than that fine. I suffer with depression and i harm too, last night i got soo low i want it all to stop and in a moment of pure madness the pills came out! Im taking myself to my gp tomorrow and going to get checked over! Its not a good way to go! X

  14. According to my psychiatrist- it takes 16 x 500mg tablets. I had a miscarriage last year and after the d&c I was pretty much out of it and very goofed up on tranquilizers etc so wasnt monitoring what I was taking and wound up taking 100mg of paracetamol over a 12 hour period. It was actually co-codamol, which has 500mg paracetamol and 30mg of codeine in each tablet. So excluding the codeine I took a major lethal dose. However, I was hauled off to hospital in an ambulance when I realised by looking at all the empty foils on the floor next to my bed that I had taken that many and called 999 and they had me on a NAC drip for 5 days. They told me i was extremely lucky i didnt lose part or all of my liver.
    needless to say, i dont keep the stuff in the house again as I’m too scared I might take them accidentally again like before.

    if you are asking because you are concidering things you shouldnt be considering, then stop for a second and consider this- it’s not quick. it’s not painless. and it’s not worth it. you’l be left without a liver, waiting on a transplant list. talk to someone. get help. no matter what’s going on in your life you still have a future that you can look towards. i wont bore you with the details of what happened to me in 2010 but to say in a nutshell i wanted to die SO many times and tried so many times. now, i just cant be arsed to try anymore. because i WANT my life back. and i’m GOING to get it back. Screw the people and circumstances that put me in that position last year!
    good luck!

  15. This is a very, very, very, very bad way to go.

    Doubtful you’ll get a liver transplant, and it will take days to kick the bucket.

    Extremely painful despite morphine, etc., and nurses/ doctors won’t give a sh*t about you.

    Never, ever, ever use ANYTHING over the counter, or cleaning fluids, anything. It’s harder than you think, and you’ll regret it instantly. Trust me, I’ve read a lot of patient accounts.

  16. I tried to kill myself twice with paractamol overdose and I tried to runaway twice but it failed and my second overdose of paracetamol left me vommiting for four days and I felt like I ws gonna die I mean it was like hell but I got through it and now I’m better I may want to kill myself but I know it will hurt my friends and family and I do have a better life than most people that commit suicide but having lots of money doesn’t mean their happy money can’t buy happiness I hope that life will be better for me now

  17. I took 30 paracetamol tablets and 8 ibrufen tablets and for like the first half an hour I felt fine then I started to get really dizzy and I couldn’t stand for very long no1 in my family relised cuz I ws in ma room so I decided to jst sleep it off hopin I would die or sumthin but tht didn’t happen I ended up wakin up durin the nite n I was sick n then I was up about 10 times durin the nite vommiting i really did jst want to die but I didn’t I finally got sum sleep n then for the nxt four days I was in ma bed vommitin quite alot I couldn’t go to skool or anything I haven’t told any1 this my parents jst thought it was a sick bug tht was goin around but it wasn’t but bow every time I see a paracetamol tablet or packet I think tht I’m gonna be sick and my dad tried to make me take an anti sickness tablet but I refused by sayin tht my throat was to sore I don’t plan to tell my parents I have tried to take a paracetamol overdose before this but I took hardly anything n I was fine but tht time I was vommitin like mad I don’t think I will ever take paracetamol again or any tablet

  18. I took 50 panadol in Jan this year, spent a night in hospital hooked up to an iv and spewing all night. I tried sleeping tablets in March, smashed my shoulder, broke my nose and celebrated my 41st birthday 3 days later with 2 black eyes. In May I chugged 60 panadol and repeated January’s hospital stay. I will try again, prob soonish. I don’t want to live anymore

  19. im 16 suppose to be turning 17 on the 11th of june but my life feels like it needs to end. its been a over a year since my family decided it was the right thing for me to do and get an abortion. my boyfriend and i wanted to keep it. since then im depressed, i feel lonely. im not the same person. i dont go out with my friends, my appetites changed, my bodys changed. i hate my family. my mum replaced my baby with a dog as if thats good enough. i get nightmares all the time. i left college, i coudnt cope with having to do a course on midwifery i cant even look at kids. when i do i just get flashbacks. i told my mum thinking she was my bestfriend it was okay for awhile she said i could have kept it but then she changed her mind. not a day has gone by since april 09th 2011 when i dont cry. and when i do cry my mum gets pissed off that im upset. she tells me i need counselling but whats that gonna do. ive self-harmed myself aswell as taken an overdose. i just wanna join my baby i dont deserve to live, if i had the power to take anothers life i can take mine. ive just taken 40 paracetamols 20 ibropofen and 2 sleeping tablets with a glass of vodka. if i make it out of this, im gonna try a brigde next…

  20. If the doctor prescribed me 8 paracetamol how long will it take for it to have an effect on my body and will i also be overdosing myself

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