17 thoughts to “I Have To Take 5 Mg Of Diazepam For A Mri Procedure, Cuz I Am Closerphobic…?”

  1. don’t know. i’m hoping you are only asking out of morbid curiosity, because i would hate to think someone was so unhappy they would ask strangers how to harm themself or another person. be safe.

  2. So far no one died of diazepam tablet over dose. Orally taken diazepam gets absorbed and by the time enough to cause deep sedation is absorbed , all organs minimise function and absorption is slowed and finally stops. Gastric lavage saves the person. But don`t experiment .

  3. It should relax you so you will be comfortable having the MRI done.
    Try not to worry about the MRI or the diazepam. I have take 10 mg of diazapam for about 12 years. I have tremors in my hands and a low dose of diazampan controls this problem. What you are taking is a super low dose. Please, try not to worry.
    Now, when you have the MRI, just try to relax. Breathe deeply and think of something fun, like a playful puppy.
    It will not hurt and there is nothing to be afraid of. I understand you have claustrophobic, but just remember that if you need out, it takes no time at all to get of the MRI Equipment.
    Best of luck. I promise; you will be fine.

  4. Will make you feel a little stoned and sleepy. You can do it without the diazepam. Just talk to yourself. Forget the drama and know and I mean KNOW in your heart that nothing in that machine can hurt you or harm you in any way. And it can’t. Relax in it, think about how interesting the machine is and how complex and cool it is that it can take pictures like that. That is best. If you go in that machine, and you do it without the pill and you let yourself relax.. let me tell you 100% your phobia about closed in spaces will lose its hold on you and you will gain so much more respect for yourself and strength. Your choice, but I would do it without.I had 6 yrs of panic and anxiety and I realize now that babying myself in situations made it so much worse than if I had just been ‘brave’

  5. It will just calm you down a little bit, so you do not get as much anxiety when you are having your MRI, I am deathly afraid of the dentist, I am a grown adult, and cant even get myself in the car to drive there s if I have to get something done, I can get my teeth cleaned, but if I need novocaine, that is what scares me, so the dentist will prescribe me 1 5 mg valium/diazapan same thing, and I will take it before I leave for my appointment and by the time I get there I am feeling a little more relaxed, and less like I want to run away.

  6. it’s going to calm you down! – it’s an anti-anxiety medication…
    don’t be worried about it – it’s not like you’re going to suddenly not be in control of your thoughts or emotions – it just makes you feel calm – and maybe even a bit sleepy.

  7. It should make you relaxed, for a lot of people it makes you drowsy. Diazepam is “The Sleeping Pill.” But 5mg is a small dose so it shouldn’t knock you out. Make sure there is someone to drive you home after though.

  8. It will make you relax and be very comfortable. You may even fall asleep thought it usually takes 10 for that. It will wear off in about four hours.

  9. Some facilities have “Open” MRIs.
    Tell your doctor you need an open MRI and they should be able to find one for your test.

  10. Nothing! You will just feel relaxed and your heart will not pump out of your chest. You will be fine. Theres nothing to be scared of.
    Good luck!

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