Is It Safe To Take Ibuprofen And Paracetamol Tablets Together?

The advised dosage for each is two tablets every four hours. Can I therefore take two paracetamol tablets at the same time as two ibuprofen tablets and repeat every four hours?.

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  1. I was told I could have 2 paracetomal and then 2 hours later have 2 ibroprofen – but only upto 4 times a day for both
    paracetomal and ibroprofen are 2 seperate things and therefore do not interefer with the other
    however if you are in that much pain that you need both, seek advise from a gp who may be able to offer you a stronger med or a different one.

  2. yes you certainly can. they regularly give both on the wards at the hospital where i’m a student.
    ibuprofen is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), so basically it reduces inflammation, without being a steroid. paracetamol, although classed as an NSAID has only limited anti-inflammatory actions and is mainly a pain killer. they both work on different enzyme pathways in the body and act in different ways. as long as you take them correctly and follow the instruction on both packets, and are not pregnant or breast feeding, then there shouldn’t be a problem.
    hope that pain soon goes away xx

  3. Yes it’s fine – one is a pain killer and the other is an anti-inflamitory, they do not effect each other and your body produces them both differntly.
    I know this because a nurse frined of mine advised me to take both ibuprofen, paracetamol AND asperin all together when I had whiplash in-order to stop the pain. she does it all the time apprently!

  4. Given that Neurofen now sell extra double strength painkillers, composed of ‘profen and paracetamol, I’d say yes, but be careful with the doseage – ‘profen can upset your guts, paracetamol can damage your liver or kidneys.
    Best bet though is to pop along to your local high street chemist and ask the pharmacist. Too many people don’t ask their local chemist for adivce, preferring to wait ages to get an appointment at the GP’s. Pharmacists are very highly trained, intelligent people who are experts in their field. They can give you all sort of health- and medicine related advise, quickly and for free!

  5. depends on the active ingredient in paracetamol, if its not ibuprofen then it would be ok to take together. Example: Ibuprofen + Tylenol would be ok because Tylenol = Acetaminophen. Be careful with any coupling of drugs over the long term, don’t want to damage your kidneys/liver.

  6. and you need to space them apart, my son had his tonsills out and the hospital said 2 ibuprofen then two hours later take 2 paracetamol, BUT the Ibuprofen MUST be taken with food for then to work properly as they can cause stomach aches if you take them on an empty stomach they will take a will to ‘kick-in’ but they will be worth it, but DONT drink any alcohol

  7. Yes you can but You must NOT exceed the maximum stated does of either in a 24 hour period!!
    It might better to do the following :-
    take 2 ibuprofen (to start),
    2hrs later take 2 paracetamol,
    another 2hrs later (total of 4hrs since ibuprofen) take 2 ibuprofen
    after another 2hrs (total of 4hrs since paracetamol) take 2 paracetamol,
    If you do it this way, or something similar, then you don’t get a period when the pain killing effect has worn off but it is not yet time for the next dose.
    You must NOT exceed the maximum stated does of either in a 24 hour period!!

  8. Vorsprung; Yes, certainly.. but the Ibuprophen.. . .
    after a small meal: (as with Asprin) -but, just [nothing will protect an olde stomach from ‘Votaren’.. !(I almost saw my father die -n agony, from taking some of ‘it’ -which had promptly burnt a HOLE through his stomach!!)
    With, a similar pill, called, “Nurophen”.. it [can cause an old heart, to ..stop!] Another thing about it: the user will ‘run hot’ (perspire: Only for Manila.. ’round New Year -for your big, hang-over -NOT for in the middle-of-the year, in the northern Tropics).

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