What Are The Effects Of Snorting Valium (diazepam)?

What’s the dosage required to reach some sort of “high” or altered state of consciousness through insufflation?
How long would it take to kick in?
Are the effects any different from ingesting diazepam orally?
Please be as detailed as possible in your response. Please try to answer the question and refrain from commenting on anything that does not relate to answering the question. Those who will try to lecture me on the dangers of doing such things do not help to answer the question; I will report you if you do so..

3 thoughts to “What Are The Effects Of Snorting Valium (diazepam)?”

  1. If you’re looking for a quick response, try letting it dissolve on your tongue. It will work faster that way because it goes right into your bloodstream. Snorting it might even lessen the effect. You need about 10 mgs. If you are stuck on snorting, then start with 10 mgs and work your way up from there. Have a nice trip!

  2. First take about 18 pills of diazepam then grind them into a fine powder. To do this it is convienent to put the pill on a sheet of aluminium foil and crush them with anything very heavy like the bottom of a beer bottle or an exercise weight set, etc., make sure its a powder NOT little chunks.
    Next, you can line the powder up as if it was ‘coke’ and snort it through a straw…but remember the powder, if left out long enough will eventually get humid and not be snortable…also if you have a runny nose or a cold it could clog up your nose…plus you should divide the powder you have into two piles so after snorting one you check if the powder is getting in to your lungs and not just being wasted (sticking to your face) before doing the other pile…..SO AFTER SNORTING ONE PILE CHECK YOUR NOSE BEFORE SNORTING THE OTHER PILE…THIS MUST BE DONE QUICKLY OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT GAIN THE EFFECT.
    It takes about 15min to feel anything. Inhaling actually works faster than taking it orally*****that is why you get the euphoric effect.********.i.e. take diazapam orally will not give you the effect you are looking for because its tooo slow. When taking this orally the stomach has to first break down the pill then absorb it into the bloodstream….as a powder inhaled or ingested it works faster.
    Make sure you inhale AT LEAST 18 pills at once otherwise you’ll be wasting your time….. DO NOT USE MORE THAN 30 PILLS at once.

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