Why Can't You Mix Grapefruit Juice With Valium?

Can’t mix it with statins either, but I only found out about valium(diazepam) recently. What about antididepressants?

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  1. Its a painkiller used for people with long term painful illnesses such as arthritis. It is a morphine derivative like codeine. It doesn’t work on everyone, some people are genetically unable to use it as they don’t have the receptor sites it works on, but most people can take it quite happily.

  2. they are a strong painkiller. they are related to morphine and are addictive. they can make you drowsy and unsafe to drive or use heavy machinery. it is illegal for your friend to be using someone else’s tablets, and they could come to harm from doing so.

  3. tramadol is meant to be a strong pain killer,i take them with paracetamol,i used to take 16 in total a day,now down to two tramadol,two paracetamol,it just seems to take the edge of the pain from my smashed pelvis

  4. It’s an opioid analgesic (painkiller) it is used for pain relief. It is used to ease moderate to severe pain. You should only use medication that has been prescribed for you.

  5. Tramadol is a variant of morphine. Unlike codeine which is metabolised to morphine it merely works in a simliar fashion to morphine. It is a strong pain killer and should NOT be taken without prescription.

  6. Grapefruit juice is a potentiate of benzos. One of the enzymes prevents Valium from breaking down properly when it’s normally absorbed, and the levels in your blood can become dangerously high and cause more side effects or impair you.
    It actually takes a large amount of grapefruit juice to cause this, and Valium is pretty weak to begin with, but the pharmacy is required to put the warning label on it anyway.

  7. It can either increase of decrease the effectiveness of the meds so you can’t take grapfruit juice with lots of meds. Do a web search to find out which meds are affected by grapefruit juice if you want to know all of them.

  8. hope this helps: it interferes with the absorption and metabolism of the drug. Something in grapefruit juice – no one knows what – blocks the action of specific enzymes needed to absorb and break down drugs

  9. I am currently on diazapam been on them for about 6 weeks now also taking naproxen and many other tablets. I found tramadol made me want to pass out and faint and didn’t touch the pain I am in

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