Acomplia…have You Already Heard About This Medicine…it´s Approval To Use In Your Country?

it´s approval to use in your country?Here in Brazil, people have said that american people aren´t using this medicine- to lose the belly- because it is very dangerous…do you agree?
tks a lot

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  1. This medicine is a prescription medicine. Only your doctor can decide if Acomplia is for you. Is not for sale in USA, only in England, France and Europe. Some American countries like Brazil and Argentina too.
    Benefits when you take Acomplia:
    – decreased weight and waist circumference
    – improvements in HbA1c, HDL-cholesterol and triglycerides were beyond that expected from weight loss alone…
    Acomplia Safety and Tolerability:
    The most common adverse events resulting in discontinuation were nausea, mood alteration with depressive disorders, anxiety and dizziness.
    Acomplia is now helping obese patients, or overweight patients with associated risk factors, such as type 2 diabetes or dyslipidaemia

  2. It is widely used in Europe, countries like UK, Germany. Acomplia probably will be approved by FDA sold in the US under a different name – Zimulti this year.
    Acomplia is ok.
    Phentermine was also ok. Were pretty good results. I have switched to Acomplia since it is hard to get good Phentermine these days and it started
    to show some real nasty side effects. Acomplia also show very good results. been taking it for more than 2 months now. Ordered from this site . Took 10 days to receive the stuff.

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