Can I Get Diazepam In A Pharmacy In Crete Without Prescription?

I am currently prescribed diazepam (valium) in small does for anxiety by my UK doctor. I will be travelling to Crete for 6 months and may need more in the long run..

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  1. Hiya,
    Internationally, diazepam is a Schedule IV drug under the Convention on Psychotropic Substances, this includes Greece and means that you can not get diazepam in Greece without a script.
    No UK doctor will prescribe you a controlled substance to take abroad for that length of time. It’s usually 6-8 weeks maximum they will prescribe for, as stipulated by the Dept of Health and Home Office. You would be advised to take 2months worth with you then maybe register with another GP out there. Your GP here can always fax over your info to the Dr’s in Crete or give you a copy of the records as proof of the meds you are taking.
    If you are going for less than 2 months…….
    You basically need a holiday letter and holiday prescription.
    You can take controlled medication with you as long as as you have a letter from your GP stating you are authorised to have it. Take 2 copies of this letter, store one in hand luggage and one in suitcase. Aiport officials (here and Crete) may ask for letter, and its easily misplaced or left behind. Letter needs to state your name, DOB, address, how long you are going away for, where, how much diazepam you take per day and the total amount you are taking with you. The holiday script will be done on green paper (as opposed to blue) and will state the total amount you need to take away and the dates that it covers. Inform the pharmacy ASAP so they can order enough diazepam.
    Happy holidays.

  2. no you can not buy diazepam over the counter . you could sign on as a temperorary patient were you are and get that doctor to speak to your perscribing doctor and then himself could give you some for the time you are away!,

  3. No. Thats a controled prescription, non given unless recipe.
    Taking a bigger dose could cause death by respiratory distress, or a lower dose may not cause anything.
    Watch out.

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