Can 'tamiflu', (a Treatment Against Swine Flu), Be Ordered Online?

Yes, but if you take it when you do not have swine flu, if you do get it, it will not work. It is not a vaccine. If you get it after taking tamiflu, the virus will mutate so it is not effective anymore and the next person you pass it onto will have no treatment. So don’t go searching for it.
It is believed that a further mutation would be needed in order for the H1N1 virus to cause the mass deaths that have been estimated by some.
But at this point, it is impossible to predict with any accuracy how the virus will continue to evolve.
UK experts at the National Institute for Medical Research will outline on Friday the work they are due to start on samples of the virus sent from the US.
The research, being done at the World Influenza Centre in Mill Hill, will be vital for working out the structure of the virus, where it came from, how quickly it is capable of spreading and its potential to cause illness.
The swine flu strain is a H1N1 virus, the same type as seasonal flu which circulates throughout the world every year, and kills roughly 1% of those infected.
I believe the government is definately hyping this up so they can distract our attentions from the god awful mess they made with the economy. All we can do is improve our hygiene and let the WHO make our decisions. We should be aware about this, but not concerned. There are over six billion people in the world, and 200 or so have died, the proportion is very little. So don’t worry. I feel sorry for the families, but then again, I feel angered that Mexico has done nothing to stop it spreading apart from giving out those silly masks. But then again, these things happen all around the world and it doesnt get reported, and the media hype things up.
Worrying about this will do nothing, worrying makes your immune system lower because you get less sleep and you eat less. So stop worrying about something we can’t affect. Mother Nature obviously thinks this is the best thing to happen to the human race, but we have survived much worse! If we got wiped out after every virus threat, civilisation probably wouldnt have lasted very long.
If we ended up in a pandemic, people would start panic buying non perishable foods, would stay indoors, borders would be closed, travel restricted, people would basically go into hiding..

3 thoughts to “Can 'tamiflu', (a Treatment Against Swine Flu), Be Ordered Online?”

  1. Why would you want to order it? One you need tamiflu the first two days of having the swine flu so if you order it, it will not reach you in enough time. Also you don’t need it, if you do need it they have millions of tamiflu.

  2. who cares… bird flu is being blown waaay outa proportion… GROW UP AND LOOK AT THE FACTS
    the normal flu kills more people… (35000) each year
    how many has the bird flu killed?
    ya you get the picture

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