Can You Get The Pill Reductil Over The Counter With No Prescription?

ive recently gotten a script for duramine but after looking up the side effects am thinking of changing to redutil. can anyone tell me about their experiences with either duramione or reductil? and if i can get over the counter?.

One thought to “Can You Get The Pill Reductil Over The Counter With No Prescription?”

  1. i started using reductil last wednesay, and it’s been fine so far. the first night i had a little trouble sleeping, but i’ve had a lot more energy and haven’t snacked at all, pretty much. You do need a prescription for it though, it isn’t available over the counter. Originally i was interested in duromine too, but my doctor said that he doesnt prescribe it anymore as it’s addictive, and he’s noticed that everyone he prescribes it to loses a lot of weight and then gains it all back, plus more. I wouldn’t touch it if i were you. I’ve lost 3 and a half kilos already after only being on the reductil for 3 days.

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