9 thoughts to “Did President Obama Recently Purchase Stock In Tamiflu?”

  1. There is no way you DOUBLED your money buying Roche stock. Roche is the drug company who makes Tamiflu and there is no “Tamiflu” stock.
    Roche’s stock was over $60 a share a year ago, its now around $28-31 right now. Best bet is it will go up becuase of this flu scare.
    Right now this looks like a race based bio-engineered flu virus (man made). Notice how only Mexicans are getting this. Mexicans throughout Mexico, a Mexican in Claremont, CA, a US Marine (of Mexican decent) in Twenty Nine Palms Marine base, Mexicans in Texas, etc. That means if the world leaders want to kill any one of us, they can. Africans die more than any other race from AIDS/HIV, another bio-engineered virus (weapon). The world leaders want to kill us off. Look into the “Georgia Guidestones” and read their first mantra… to reduce the population of the world by 90%.
    Obama, Bush and Rumsfeld *do* own Roche stock. Obama bought large chunks of it in 2007. Do some research people.

  2. You have to wonder, Roch just merged with Genentech in March, one of their research focuses is infectious diseases – viral infections, the threat of pandemics, and the emergence of antibiotic resistance…and now this …yeah their stock is going up. I have found two articles regarding Obama owning stock..one with the NYT, but when I attempted to open them they were not found….hmmmm……

  3. in 2007.
    here’s a huge anti-obama site that had to bump up an old post which mentions it only in the first sentence but no where else.
    Just more fear.

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