4 thoughts to “Does Anyone Know Where I Can Obtain Genuine Reductil Pills?”

  1. From your GP on prescription, 85% of all online pills purchased without prescription are thought to not be the genuine article.
    Oh how I wish any of these magic wands and empty promised really helped anyone to lose weight. Of course if any of them actually did, the world would not be getting fuller every day with those of us that need 2 plane seats!
    These guys, and there are tens of thousands of them, with thousands of useless quack cures, just hoover up money from the desperate and gullible. They have promised bigger breasts and penises, weight loss, baldness cures, pills that improve sexual prowess and make you live forever since the middle ages, and still they succeed in parting the proverbial fool from his money.
    If you want to get sustained weight loss, the only real option is my complex 2 part plan. I will give it to you now, and assume you will send me all your money when it works!
    1) Eat less
    2) Do a lot more vigorous exercise.

  2. I was given Reductil by my GP, I stopped taking them after I found out people had DIED through taking them. I would SERIOUSLY think about taking them, if you still want them ask your GP.

  3. Your GP is the only legal way you can obtain them. I was on them for a year and lost 4 stone, but I had to be monitored carefully as the pills can increase your blood pressure and significantly increases your risk of stroke, even in an otherwise healthy person. Also some of the side effects are very unpleasant, the worst one being severe depression as it blocks some sort of receptor associated with pleasure in the brain. I had to come off them after having suicidal thoughts.
    Please think very carefully about taking these pills unsupervised. If you try and buy them online you could be buying absolutely anything, you have no idea whether it’s going to be genuine or not, no matter how good the sales pitch.

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