4 thoughts to “Does Mexico Have Tamiflu?”

  1. May be the people started to take it too late or were too poor to afford tamiflu. Who knows, there are lots of poor people in Mexico. Here in Sweden we have a very good health care system, it is no problem to get Tamiflu at any local pharmacy or get it from onlinice clinics from the European Union . I used to buy from both , local and online a few years ago for bird flu. http://www.pharmacy-reviews.co.uk lists a few good EU online clinics.

  2. Medical care in Mexico is not as good as ours. There is a lot of poor nutrition there and that degrades a persons immune defense. Air quality in Mexico City is considered terrible. Some people live in make shift shanny shacks and their pigs run around their houses. They could not afford medical treatments.

  3. obviously not
    do you really think Mexico cares about their people?
    look at their conditions…and why do people always want to come the the USA from mexico illegally?
    obviously mexico could care less about their people.

  4. There could be a number of reasons…pharmacies could have run out. Or possibly the person couldn’t afford it, or it didn’t work for them. Who know to be honest…

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