Does Taking Paracetamol Regularly Affect How Your Body Recovers/reacts To Illnesses In The Long Term?

The rason I ask is because I want to look after my health in the longer term so I’d rather not take Paracetamol for a minor headache if it will have detrimental long term effects..

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  1. i dont think they have any long term detrimental effect on your health as theyre just for suppressing, masking pain. if you use them too frequently their effectiveness will be diminished as you build up a resistance to them as you would with any drug, but if you use them sparingly then i doubt you will have a problem.

  2. Paracetamol (acetaminophen aka TYLENOL in the US) is generally one of the safest drugs on the market. However, that’s said with a caveat. In large or continuous doses, there is the chance of irreversible liver damage in dosages as little as five Grams (or 10 extra strength 500MG caplets). Moreover, if you have pre-existing liver disease or are a chronic alcoholic, your should really seek the advice of a physician before taking this. There is an oft told tale within medical circles of the angry young teen who just wants to pretend to attempt suicide with TYLENOL (thinking that since its a safe drug, no harm will be done) wind up either needing a liver transplant or dying of liver failure. Another is the infrequent holiday binge drinker, seeking to preempt a hangover by taking multiple doses of TYLENOL while they’re drinking (I’m not making this up, I’ve actually seen this) wind up critically ill.
    But for minor aches and pain? Sure. But if you find that you need to take more than a few doses, then you should seek medical advice. Something else may be amiss that you don’t yet realize.
    Will you develop a tolerance for it? Highly doubtful. Will it affect your body? Yes, keep an eye on your liver function.

  3. I have given this question a star.
    Taking paracetamol is safe in the short term, however, habitual use can damage the liver and you can actually develop tollerance to it!!
    I dont think it affects immunity in any way though.

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