Does Tamiflu Really Work On Puppies With Parvo? Is 7 Days Into Treatment To Far Along For Tamiflu?(7 Mo Pit)?

i recommend you check your dog food ingredients. i know it’s a little odd, but if you are using a Purina or Nutro product there is an ingredient in both of them that has been causing parvo-like symptoms in dogs and puppies. the ingredient name is:
Menadione Sodium Bisulfate Complex (source of vitamin K activity)
it raises liver toxins and has been known to fool the vets. the companies are ignoring the problem and when people send product in for testing they never hear back from them. both companies have been involved in a lawsuit over similar claims.
if it is in there i would recommend changing to something else. Natural Balance and Diamond Naturals are two wonderful foods. it may be a little unconventional but if you’ve tried everything else, why not check the food?.

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  1. The way they treat parvo is to treat the symptoms which are the vomiting and diarrhea. The main goal with parvo is to prevent dehydration. If these methods aren’t working, I highly doubt Tamiflu will help. It would be the equivilent of giving Pedialyte at this stage. I just don’t think it’s going to work. Tamiflu is used to hydrate humans during the flu. So if the fluids they are giving your pup now aren’t working, Tamiflu isn’t likely too either. Sorry this is so discouraging. I wish you and your puppy all the best of luck and will pray for you.

  2. Tamiflu essentially traps the virus in to the first cells it infects not allowing it to infect other cells. It does seem to be effective in treating Parvo but needs to be given at the very onset.
    My 12 wk Golden Pyrenees has Parvo right now, day 4, and we just started using Parvaid. We also missed the window for Tamiflu but have read Parvaid can be a life saver. We haven’t seen any results yet though, but figured it was worth a try.

  3. Tamiflu is a human medication, isn’t it? I don’t think it’s a good idea to use people meds on animals, unless the ok is given by a vet.
    Your puppy needs a vet immediately!! My old neighbor had a puppy die from parvo. It’s a very serious disease that needs to be treated by a vet.. if it’s even treatable now. Call a vet right away!!!

  4. when our puppies had parvo they were given amoxil (sp?) the banana flavoured medicine, I had a tough time keeping track of who got what cus they loved it so much…. These puppies were taken from a group that had parvo 7 died and these 4 lived, so maybe it is only good in precautionary situations? As far as human meds go, yea check with your vet but 9/10 they tell us to give our dogs are from the drugstore ..

  5. Some veterinarians report it works others are a bit more reluctant, I l always think it is worth a try, below are some things to do at home and holistic remedies as well
    Only your vet will be able to tell you dosage and for how many days

  6. Tamiflu is an antiviral, and works sometimes even on humans, and sometimes not. It is not a cure, but can shorten the duration of the flu. It has to be started within so many hours of having the flu. If it is you only hope, ask the vet. You have nothing to lose.

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