Family Pharmacy: an Independent Pharmacy to Serve your Family

At Family Pharmacy, professionally trained pharmacists are happy to provide authoritative answers about your medications. This helpful service from a friendly, respected health care professional, is just one of the benefits of shopping at your neighborhood Family Pharmacy.
Family Pharmacy offers nationally advertised, non-prescription brand products that you’ll find at other drugstores including vitamins, first aid, skin care and over-the-counter medications.
In addition to your favorite national brands, they have a wide selection of Family Pharmacy brand products. These money-saving products are priced lower than their comparable nationally advertised brands. And, lower cost does not mean lower quality. Family Pharmacy brand products are laboratory tested, quality assured, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. These tops of the line products are for the consumer who appreciates quality as well as value1.
History of Family Pharmacy
The roots of Family Pharmacy go back to 1955 with the purchase of Fox’s Drug Store at 223 North Main Street in Bicknell, Indiana by Bob Deweese. The Deweese family moved to Bicknell and Bob continued to operate the store providing pharmacy services. The pharmacy became D & M Corner Drug Store.
In 1976, Stan Deweese joined his father in the family business as a pharmacist. By 1980, the decision was made to expand the growing business with another pharmacy. A new pharmacy was built “out on the highway” which was developing as a corridor of businesses. It was named Family Pharmacy, which revealed the philosophy of its owners, Bob and Stan… Our Family caring for your Family.
For many years Family Pharmacy has been an independent pharmacy providing services for northern Knox County. The business is still family operated by owner, Stan Deweese with his sister, Nancy Wilson.
The same values and service that were offered by Bob and Betty in 1955 are continuing to this day at Family Pharmacy. Family Pharmacy staff continues to provide customers with friendly and convenient service, medical care and counseling, and quality merchandise2.
Family Pharmacy continues to grow
Lynn and Janet Morris opened Family Pharmacy in August 1977 in Ozark, Missouri. Filling twelve prescriptions that first day, today the local family-owned chain fills over 6,000 prescriptions daily. Family Pharmacy is ranked as a top 100 U.S. Drug Store Chain, last year ranking number 61 in the U.S. in total sales.
Family Pharmacy has 16 retail pharmacy locations throughout Southwest Missouri. Retail locations are in Ozark, Strafford, and two locations in Nixa, Sparta, Rogersville, Willard, Springfield, Branson West, Fair Grove, Hollister, Republic, Forsyth, Joplin and Marshfield. The majority of these locations are full line pharmacies with drive-thru service. Family Pharmacy Bargain Outlet opened in January 2004. It features dollar items, imports, closeouts, short dates, over-stocks and seasonal items at great prices. Another great addition to the Family Pharmacy family of businesses is the Family Pharmacy Home Medical Supply. It is located in Nixa with a complete staff to service the needs of the surrounding communities. They specialize in compassionate care through the sale and rental of home medical equipment and supplies. Family Pharmacy continues to grow with the addition of more stores are planned for late 2008 and 20093.
Family Pharmacies in different countries
1) Shiner Family Pharmacy4
Shiner Family Pharmacy offers all the medications and services of a modern pharmacy, but with the friendly, personalized service of a hometown business. They take the time to fill prescriptions quickly and accurately, while they monitor the medications for side effects, drug interactions, and cost effectiveness. Whether you are filling a regular prescription for long-term use, or a new medicine to combat a short-term condition, you can be assured of the latest modern prescription drug services. They also accept most major health care plan payments and can work with you to determine the best care possible. Shiner Family Pharmacy offer customized medications compounded to better serve our customers in the areas of hormone replacement therapy, home health care, pediatrics, men’s health, geriatrics and pain management.
2) Bernard’s Family Pharmacy5
Bernard’s Family Pharmacy accepts most major health insurance plans; including several workers’ comp plans (including LWCC), Medicaid, and the new Medicare Part D discount cards. They also provide their very own third party cash discount program (no monthly premiums) for seniors who are not quite old enough for the Medicare Part D discount. Their services are HIPAA compliant, free blood pressure screenings and pain management therapy specialist.
3) Sturgis Family Pharmacy6
The mission at Sturgis Family Pharmacy is to provide a valuable service to the clients through excellent customer service, customized medication solutions through compounding and alternative options for optimum health. Sturgis pride themselves as innovators in the community, working with patients and health care providers alike. They refuse to allow the phrase “There is nothing more we can do” within our business. Through continuing education, compassionate employees and excellent rapport with their local providers they can truly say they are “Specializing In Your Health!” Their consultation services are anti-aging , BHRT for men, BHRT for women, diabetic counseling, holistic health care, hospice needs, foreign travel & immunizations, medication review, pain management and adrenal fatigue.
4) Sarasota Family Pharmacy7
Family Pharmacy of Sarasota is an independent, full-service pharmacy that is unique as a problem-solving organization. They have provided pharmaceutical products and personalized service for 30 years. The family specializes in the custom compounding of prescription medications to allow the physician to meet each patient’s specific needs. Contact them with your medication problem, and they will provide a solution. Their specialties are human compounding, hormone replacement therapy, hormone saliva tests, male impotence therapy, pain management, customized medications, unique dosage forms, and pharmacist consultations.
5) Carrboro Family Pharmacy8
Benny Cutell and Danny McNeill have been friends since they were kids. It was their lifelong dream to start a business together. That dream became a reality with the opening of the new Carrboro Family Pharmacy at Carrboro Plaza. This independent pharmacy gives Carrboro an alternative to the national chains that seem to be going up on every corner. Customer service is their primary goal, with a professional apothecary atmosphere. The Carrboro Family Pharmacy also offers items typical of most drugstores, such as personal hygiene products.
6) Webb’s Family pharmacy9
At Webb’s Family Pharmacy, They are taking pharmacy to the next level; an information source, a soothing health care oasis and an integral part of their goal towards optimal health. Their comprehensive Self-Management Patient Care Programs can be custom-tailored to meet their educational needs. Each Module is designed as stand-alone programs so you can choose the programs that fit your needs. Educational programs offered for diabetes, cholesterol & cardiovascular management, hypertension, smoking cessation and weight loss. Webb’s offer health screenings for diabetes, cholesterol & triglycerides, blood pressure and nutritional assessments.
7) Tyro Family Pharmacy10
Since February of 2006, Tyro Family Pharmacy has taken pride in serving the pharmacy and healthcare needs of Western Davidson County. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services to friends and neighbors in Lexington, Tyro, Reeds, Linwood, and all the other great communities that surround them. Tyro Family Pharmacy is more that just a drugstore: They offer a complete line of pharmaceuticals, OTC’s, healthcare supplies and equipment, and vitamins. They also can special order that hard-to-find item, too. Tyro Family Pharmacy accepts most major insurance plans, as well as the new Medicare Part D prescription cards. They offer friendly and efficient service, a wide variety of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, and in-depth patient counseling.
8) Livernois Family Pharmacy11
At Livernois Family Pharmacy they truly care for their patients. Their mission is to deliver the highest quality pharmaceutical care possible to their customers on a very personal and individualized basis. The have been delivering on this promise for more than 5 years and you can confide in them always for trustworthy and meaningful healthcare advice and service. They have introduced online refills for their customers. If you’ve filled a prescription with their pharmacy, it’s easy to refill your prescription. You can use their online prescription refill form to order refills on your existing prescription. It’s fast, simple and secure.
Family Pharmacy in India: A growing need
India’s rapid economic growth is transforming the nation from developing to developed nation. The increasing educative environment and urbanization of the population has made people health conscious. People are becoming more cognisant about the drugs and therapeutic services. There is increasing demand for professional services from all healthcare sectors specially pharmacy. Family Pharmacy provides a variety of patient health services intended to offer their customers comfort and convenience when it is needed. In India, still this particular aspects lag. There needs a overall efforts from government, regulatory agencies, manufacturers, pharmacy marketing experts, health care professionals, consumers pharmacists towards making a family pharmacy in India a success.
With a population of billion, the family pharmacy in India is in demand for its various services. India is a global face of rapidly changing developing nations, which requires strengthening its professional aspects of family pharmacy. Professional and educational development of the family pharmacy can make important place in the health delivery network. There needs lot of initiatives from the pharmacy professionals, which should cater the needs of the increasing demand of the health and drug information support to the local community. This will enhance the public health, leading to more healthy society.
In future, we all need Family Pharmacy in India and hope that it will start its service to serve the community and provide superior pharmaceutical services. At Family Pharmacy, they guarantee you 100% of their dedication and personal attention every time you need assistance with medications.

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