3 thoughts to “Has Anyone Lost Weight With The Diet Pill Acomplia Rimonbant? If So, How Long Did It Take?”

  1. Acomplia works, but this medication is only available in UK, France and some european countries (not USA).
    ACOMPLIA should not be initiated in patients with hepatic or renal impairment or patients with uncontrolled serious psychiatric illnesses such as major depression.
    You can find more information about Acomplia here:http://www.dietpillchoice.com/acomplia/a

  2. I Have been using Acomplia since January 2007 and up until last month (July) was not getting anywhere.
    I joined a gym for three days a week and have had a far bit of inch loss and have lost 7 pounds in 1 month. I am now happy with the Acomplia and hope to loose quite a bit more. I would say that the mix of diet, excercise and assistance from the tablet has helped with the determination also
    Only thing you do need to be careful of with this tablets is if you are or often feel depressed it has been stated that these tablets can give you suicidal tendencies just be careful

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