Has Big Pharma Ignored Third World Requests For Generic Public Manufacture Of Critical Antivirals Like Tamiflu?

Yes, Big Pharma doesn’t have a conscience although they want us to believe they do, you know Research this research that all in the name of humankind,,,bullsh’t! They are a sociopathic collective of corporate greed and manipulation all to feed off the average consumer. As far as the Third World is concerned, big pharma may scatter some “crumbs” of assistance but it’s all in the name of good P.R. for them. They are more concerned with making sure their “dope dealers” (MD’s) are offered free dinners, gifts, and golf junkets to places like Costa Rica than helping people in need, now if you’ll excuse me I have to go and throw up my lunch….

3 thoughts to “Has Big Pharma Ignored Third World Requests For Generic Public Manufacture Of Critical Antivirals Like Tamiflu?”

  1. The third world is continually being abused by corporations. The swine flu is one great example. The dumping of toxic waste is another. Lead acid battery production is another. Some places are saturated with poisonous lead. It seems if we’ve laws against the sloppy handling of lead the corporations just move south and poison the hell out of other people. No wonder people are trying to get out of Mexico when our multinationals are reeking devastation upon the population down there. Given the chance our corporations are unethical to the extreme.
    Oh yes the question!!! Big Pharmaceuticals are just other big corporate powers who, even though it would be quite inexpensive for them, they will not help third world countries. Leprosy, for instance, should be a thing of the past. A terrible new strain of tuberculosis is now around. With pertinent care we might have been able to stop this in the bud. But pharmaceutical companies are looking at huge profits as the resistant tuberculosis spreads,

  2. Of course, it’s not profitable.
    That’s the problem with big pharma. There’s a claim that they need pills like viagra to make money to research cures for cancer, but there’s a noteable discrepency.

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