Hi To Loose Weight What Should I Buy Reductil Or Something Better?

hi i want to loose weight and the doctor told me about reductil ….do you know about diet pills that are better than reductil??.

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  1. If you are serious about losing weight, have a look at the list of sites.http://the-weight-loss-systems.blogspot.…http://weight-loss-camps-for-adults.blog…http://www.syubrawi.com/weight-loss
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  2. Three steps that have really helped me are dieting, exercising, and the correct weight loss supplement for losing weight. Focus on those three things and you will lose weight considerably. I exercise 30 mins a day along with taking Proactol, a natural weight loss supplement that I saved money on at theweightlossplace.com
    Good luck and stay focused = )

  3. pills? thats pretty dumb of your doctor no offence. pills can do so many bad things to your body, and leave many ugly side affects. after you get off the pill you’ll gain all the weight back.. AND MORE. eat 6 times a day a little so that the food has enough time to go through. example….. cereal and fruits for breakfast, apple for snack, salad for lunch, granola bar for snack, small portion of whatever your mom/dad are making for dinner and then have a small healthy snack before bed. jog or even just walk every day with a friend for an hour or so, and do some excerisezes. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF, YOU WILL GAIN MORE WEIGH BECAUSE THEN YOUR BODY HOLDS ON TO THE CALORIES AND YOU WONT EVER LET THEM GO AND U WILL DRASTICALLY GAIN WEIGHT!!!!! so eat 🙂

  4. If someone could manufacture a pill that made people motivated, not lazy and infused common sense, that would be my reccommended medication for most people.
    Diet pills do not work. You’ll either become addicted to them or gain everything back.

  5. Hi,
    I wish I had an answer for you, but I really just wanted to know if your doctor REALLY told you about reductil, and can you get it over the counter?
    Good luck with your weight loss challenge.
    Andy (girl) : )

  6. I find it disturbing that your doctor recommended a pill.
    How about just watching what your eating (no sugars, low fat, no fried foods) and getting in 20 minutes of exercise 3 days a week? It’ll do wonders…

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