How Effective Is Valium For Putting One To Sleep?

It’s a 5mg pill. I’m a 120lb female. I normally take clonazepam. But I’m all out, and my bf has an extra Valium left over from after an eye surgery a few months ago.
I need it to sleep. Will it actually make me drowsy, like the clonazepam, or is it just calming?.

2 thoughts to “How Effective Is Valium For Putting One To Sleep?”

  1. Valium is very good for anxiety and will relax you much the same as xanax. Yes it will help you sleep if you take one about half hour before going to bed. Personally I take a xanax several times a week with a couple shots of peach schnapps. The alcohol enhances the effects of the xanax and would do the same with valium but you’re not supposed to drink alcohol with these drugs. One night I drank 7 screwdrivers with a valium and got thrown out of a bar. Messed me up. >:)

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