How Long After Having Paracetamol Can I Drink Alcohol?

had some paracetamol at 1pm, am going out at 8pm.
i was told it is 4-8 hours you had to leave it, is that true?.

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  1. 7 hours should be fine as long as you stick to medical doses of paracetamol. You were right to ask though, it has been proven that paracetamol and alcohol together can greatly increase the amount of liver damage inflicted.
    @ Dr T., sorry to do this again, but your answer is misinformed this time as well. It groups all antibiotics together saying that alcohol can’t be taken with any of them, which is false, and misses out the added hepatoxicity issue of combining paracetamol and alcohol. Most dangerously of all, you group all “analgesics” together, so that someone reading this question might be mislead into thinking that an opiate based painkiller was OK to drink with.

  2. Avoid chronic use a paracetamol (acetaminophen, tylenol), small amounts are converted into a liver toxic metabolite, alcohol use conditiones the liver to make more of the toxic substance.
    It is a major cause of liver failure in western countries, but you would not know it from the advertisements. They make it sound like mother’s milk.
    As little as 3 weeks of maximal doses can be fatal.
    You can lose up to about 2/3rds of your liver before you notice a problem, by then it is too late.
    The link above can be trusted as a medical reference, but it is published by a drug company, so they tend to water down the dangers of some medications.

  3. You are correct, you should leave it about 4-5 hours as paracetamol thickens the blood so the alcohol stays in the blood for much longer as it cannot circulate as fast as it has thickened causing you to become intoxicated much more quickly and if you are not very careful to dangerous levels, so I would wait your 4-8 hours!
    Hope this helps!

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