2 thoughts to “How Long Are You Contagious With Tamiflu And Swine Flu?”

  1. It’s 5 days, when you’re done with the Tamaflu, then you’re good. But until then you still could be contagious and shouldn’t risk getting anyone sick. And don’t belive her, because Tamaflu is what you get for the Novel H1N1 (AKA “swine flu”) and I should know because I had it. But please be careful, because in this case you’re better safe than sorry. (and belive me, I was pretty mad at my roomate when she gave it to me………)

  2. Have you been diagnosed with swine flu by a doctor? Because if no GO SEE ONE because you probably have REGULAR FLU! And no doctor in their right mind would give you tamiflu to treat the H1N1 flu strand!
    And its not the SWINE FLU it is H1N1!

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