How Long Can You Take Paracetamol For?

I have had a bad toothache for nearly a week. I’ve made an appointment with my dentist but the earliest I can be seen is in 2 weeks. I’m taking 2 paracetamol 3-4 times a day but I’m worried about taking it for sucha long period of time. Is it okay (ie I won’t do any damage to my liver etc).

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  1. Nope paracetamol is harmless …. it can harm your liver if you take more than 5 grams a day …. the usual tablet that u take is 650 mg … and 4 times that is just 2.5 grams … so don’t worry….. but paracetamol only helps a little bit for pain … there are lot of other medications like NSAIDS ( eg : ibuprofen ) which can help a lot better than paracetamol and they are over the counter drugs …. just take ibuprofen twice daily with some antacids untill u see ur dentist u will be fine
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