How Long Will It Take To Get Over Tramadol Withdrawl?

am gonna stop taking tramadol, tried before and was hell! Tired, headache, heart flutters, no energy runny nose and joint pain! how long does this last? Is there out i can that will aid in the withdrawl?.

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  1. Hi there,
    Usually it takes a total of 7 days to get over the *physical* withdrawals of short-acting opioids (synthetic opiates). However this is a little complicated with Tramadol due to it’s Serotonergic and Nor-Adrenergic activity. The withdrawals may last for upto 2 weeks but this is a rough estimate. It depends on how long you were using Tramadol for, and at what dose. Do bear this in mind……Tramadol’s supposed anti-depressant effect is not strong at all. It is not as strong as Paxil or Prozac, not by a long shot. I do suggest tapering the dosage though, so that the withdrawals will not be so intense.
    As for withdrawal symptoms, even though Tramadol is not that strong an opioid, the withdrawals are nasty. A short course and low dose of Suboxone would help you tremendously. It will kill the withdrawal symptoms, after which you can start tapering the Suboxone off. You shouldn’t use Suboxone for longer than 3 weeks though, as you will then get dependent on it. Also, Suboxone comes in both 2mg and 8 mg Buprenorphine dosages. But for a tramadol dependency, about 1mg would be enough to cover your withdrawals.
    Without using Suboxone, you will have to bear with the withdrawals for up to 2 weeks, although the 1st week will be the worst. After the 6th day, it is all downhill from there. If you can make it to Day 5 or Day 6, you will be fine. However, I do suggest at least getting some supportive meds like:
    1) Immodium for Diarrhoea
    2) Bentyl or Librax for Stomach Cramps
    3) (optional) Valium for the ensuing insomnia (Don’t use Valium for longer than 2 weeks)
    Hope this helps. Feel free to drop me a line if you need. All the best!
    EDIT: There are few herbs that can help greatly with this sort of withdrawal. One example is Mitragyna Speciosa which can be bought online (and is fully legal).

  2. my husband came off of tramadol he says it is hard but everyday it gets better and within 2 weeks at the most he was fine go for it and stay strong lol x

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