How Much Diazepam Should I Take Before My Appointment?

I have a dentist appointment on Thursday for the first time in 10 years and I’m terrified about going, I’m sure I’m going to need some fillings and I’ve never had any before so I don’t know what to expect. I know the first appointment is only going to be a check up, but I’m so scared that I’ll just freeze and not be able to let him look in my mouth.
I have some diazepam left over from a back injury last month and I know you can take it before dental appointments to reduce anxiety, but I was wondering what dose I should take? I have 5mg tablets..

4 thoughts to “How Much Diazepam Should I Take Before My Appointment?”

  1. Whoa, you take it as directed on the bottle. It doesn’t matter that it was prescribed for something else. You NEVER take more than it says on the label.
    And you HAVE to have someone else drive you to your appointment if you are taking the Valium. You CANNOT drive yourself. And you need to tell the dentist that you have taken Valium and that you are terrified….BEFORE he starts your exam.

  2. Honestly, none.
    Diazepam may make you so drousy that your dentist may be afraid of doing any dental procedure to someone who 1) can not make legitimate consent due to drousiness; 2) unable to follow instruction and possibly at risk of aspiration; 3) may be a habitual drug user – hence at higher risk of HIV and other diseases. If you are nervous, ask the dentist to give you something.

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