How Much Weight Do You Lose With Reductil?

I don’t think there is a straightforward answer to this one. Everyone’s metabolism is different and it will depend on what you eat and how much exercise you do whilst taking Reductil..

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  1. You can lose a lot with Reductil.
    The doctor would like to see a 4kg loss each month, which is about 2lbs a week. However, I found that I was losing very nearly a stone a month for the first two months, and then half after that. You must excercise if you are losing weight fast, you need to keep toning your muscles and skin so that you do not end up with saggy flesh.
    Another important thing to watch with Reductil is blood pressure. It can cause blood pressure to go up in some patients and as a result of this your doctor will probably want to see you every two weeks for a weigh in and pressure check.
    Finally, stay off the alcohol and stick to a healthy diet, you do not need to starve yourself with Reductil, but just keep it sensible. If you eat rubbish food and junk and are on Reductil you won’t gain any weight, but then you won’t lose any either. If you stop losing weight and reach a plateau, your doctor will take you off it.
    Good luck with it!

  2. my mom as taken it and it gave her very bad headaches so had to come off them, she did lose alot of weight at first though. she lost 9lb in the first week she was 15 stone though.

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