How Well Does Valium Work For Fear Of Flying?

I have to make a 10 hour flight in a couple of weeks. I haven’t flown in approx. 3 years and the last time I flew I pretty much freaked out. My doctor prescribed valium and I was wondering if anyone could let me know how well it works..

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  1. I’ve never taken it myself but a relative of mine used to take it in times of anxiety. As I understand it Valium gives you a sense of calm and should also make you slightly drowsy, or relaxed and peaceful enough to drift off to sleep. In view of this it would work very well for someone who fears flying. However, if it makes you really drowsy and you end up sleeping all through the flight you could have a really bad case of jet-lag and still feel drowsy a day or two after the flight. However, if you are as fearful of flying as you say, you might think it is worth the risk.
    Take care.

  2. valium can be addictive; something without that potential might be a better idea (ive used lorazepam, 1mg).
    with valium, you might want to ‘test’ one at home as it could put you to sleep. if you’re driving to the airport or even walking in the airport that could be a problem.
    also, buy a ticket over the wheels that is where you’ll feel the least…i was the same way but just went thru it cold turkey…
    good luck & take a good magazine to bury your mind in instead of looking all over on the plane.

  3. I have to take anxity pills to fly im clostrophobic they work pretty well and i also learned to take the red eye but make sure you stay up the day before cause youll just be so tired i sleep and the flight attendent wakes me up good luck on your flight have fun

  4. Hi, I’m never flown before…thats sad isn’t it. But I do take Valium on a daily basis for anxiety and it is a wonder drug for me. Hope you have a safe flight.

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