Human Meds For Dogs. I Want To Know About The Product Called Tamiflu.can I Use It On A 5 Wk Old Pup.?

There is a possibility that he may have parvo but can’t afford the vet bill for this has anyone heard of Tamiflu to give to dogs. I heard that it is for people but heard that it can be given to puppies in the first sign of the virus. My emergency vet is about 2 hrs away and I have Tamiflu from before(not expired yet not til 2009) still good, but I want to know if any one gave their puppy this and how it worked.Thanks for your information..

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  1. Good news, Here is what i found:
    To assist in the treatment of canine parvovirus infection, Oseltamivir(Tamiflu) is given orally twice a day for 5 days. The medication should be obtained as soon as the parvo diagnosis is confirmed. Usually an oral suspension is compounded or the human product is given. This medication is not approved for use in small animals.
    But what you really need to do is hydrate that puppy as well using enema’s. If you want more information email me and I can send you a formula, here are some links.…
    Don’t let the other creeps make you feel bad. I had a pup with parvo and I took him to a vet, 5 days and 2300.00 later I had a dead pup! You CAN do it on your own….

  2. No way! Parvo needs more than just meds, vitamins, IV Fluids, and constant hourly monitoring. I only say this because I have attended to many Parvo pups. Please, for the dog to have a chance, get it to the vet. I will warn you though, the cost may rise quickly up to 2000.00 or more. If you can not care for the pup, then consider euthanasia.
    Finally, you will need to sanitize your house thouroughly, the yard and bag any and all feces. This is highly contagious to other pets who are not vaccinated.

  3. Almost all human medications can be given to dogs. However, if you can’t afford a vet for your dog, keep him hydrated and go to the local feed store and buy an ‘all in one’ shot for him and give it to him yourself, about 5 bucks…can you afford that. That’s cheaper than Tami flu…

  4. Please call some Vets or your Vet. Some will work with you by at least giving you the supplies to treat your dog at home because with treatment 80 percent of animals survive though the odds are probably less with a five week old pup.
    You might kill it trying to give it a human dose of anything. Can’t your Vet at least tell you what to give the puppy and how much? I know your puppy will need to stay hydrated. Whatever you do, though someone meant well, DO NOT go to a feed store and get the puppy a shot of any kind. If the puppy does not have Parvo it will probably get it! You may know that already.

  5. No. You never give human meds to an animal without consulting a vet first. Yes, it’s true. Most of the meds we give animals in our practice are human medicines, BUT the dosage is very different. You have to consider the weight of a human and the weight of a dog. Plus their GI tract is slower than ours when it comes to meds. Which means they digest it differently. Always consult a vet first. Always. If you think your dog has parvo…you need to get him to a vet. It’s deadly. Most don’t make it even with Vet treatment. A flu medicine isn’t going to help.

  6. Please please don’t do that. Call a vets office and maybe the can suggest a place where your get shots for your puppy. Or you can try your local A.S.P.C.A offfic Im sure thay can help with the shots and you money issues. Good luck.

  7. call the emergency vet place and ask THEM! stupid, and why the **** do people get dogs if they can’t afford to take care of them? its the same as having human kids, if u can’t afford to take them to the doctor, u shouldn’t have ’em. but since u already have him, call the vet and ask them what to do

  8. It is not likely that your puppy has parvo at 5 weeks, unless he has been an orphaned puppy (mom didn’t feed)
    Tamiflu is likely to worsen the problem..there are many other reasons for a puppy to have digestive upset..Unless he is pooping what looks like pure blood, it isn’t likely he has parvo at his age..
    Roundworms will cause a blood tinged stool, as will cocci..

  9. yes my sons dog had parvo & two months later he started showing the same symptoms so he gave him the rest of the tamiflue with plenty of water & the dog is fine now , that was 5 months ago.

  10. First off, Canine Parvovirus and Human Influenza are two entirely different things. Tamiflu is made by Roche Laboratories Inc. and is only for the use in humans. Canine Parvovirus is a gastrointestinal virus in canines. So, no, you should not treat your dog with Tamiflu, and it is never ok to give human drugs to animals. A lot of human meds are given to animals, but sometimes for different reasons and to treat different things. Human drugs like Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen (Advil), Naproxen Sodium (Aleve) are extremely toxic to dogs and cats and will send them into liver and kidney failure. Call you Vet or the emergency clinic and have your pet seen there. Set-up a payment plan if you have to. And I know you don’t want to hear it, but if you don’t have the money to take care of an animal you shouldn’t have them, for both your sakes. Either way, don’t give the Tamiflu to your dag.

  11. Human meds can kill a dog faster than parvo. Either take it to the vet or give it to the ASPCA and let them try to save it. If you do you will give up all rights to the pup. You don’t even know if the dog does have parvo. it could be something else. Did you raise the pup from a newborn? Just wondering why you have it at 5 weeks old.

  12. No. Never give over the counter medications without the advice of a vet. It could be ineffective at best, and deadly at worst.
    Most veterinary clinics will arrange payment plans. You can also try a local shelter, they sometimes offer veterinary services at a discounted rate.
    If it turns out that it is parvo, and you just can’t afford it even with a payment plan, then it is better that you either turn the pup over, or have it put to sleep. It sounds cruel, but being put to sleep quietly is better than having the puppy suffer through parvo because it can’t get appropriate treatment.


  14. When my Pomeranian was running a temperature, the vet said I could use infant Motrin but I had to cut the dose in half. Tamaflu is for the flu. I would most definitely call a vet and ask them before I gave the dog the medicine. Most medication for animals cost alot less than human medicine. If they need you to bring the dog in, ask about a payment plan. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Animals are not small people. Although some medications Vets give animals, are the same name doctors give patients, the dosage is different to fit the animals system. Animals can not get drugs out of their system the same way humans can. Even though Tamiflu has been used by veterinarians for a variety of viral illnesses, it has not been approved by the FDA for use in dogs.

  15. Do not give him tamiflu. If you think that he has parvo, either take him to the vet NOW or call a local humane society to see if they can help you. I am sorry to say it, but it is better for the puppy to have him put to sleep than to let him suffer and then die from parvo. Also, my vet will work out payments when it is a serious very expensive diagnosis, so you may want to call and ask yours.

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