I Have Been Prescribed Diazepam For Fear Of Flying, But Is It Allowed At Customs?

I am flying to Greece later this month and have been prescribed Diazepam to ease the tension. However, the only evidence I have that it was prescribed is the label printed by the pharmacy. I checked and the doctor said you don’t need a letter or a copy of the prescription as it’s not a controlled substance. I woudn’t normally question this, but the information available on the net isn’t clear. Thanks..

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  1. as long as it was prescribed to you and it has the chemists label with your name on it then you’ll be fine, i need to take prescription drugs with me when i travel and have never had a problem

  2. As long as the label is printed by the pharmacy, and it’s in your name, you should be fine. Do you know how many ppl take medication with them overseas? A lot lol Especially knowing that there are a lot of ppl who have a fear of flying. And if worse comes to worse, if TSA stops you, then you can contact your doctor and he can fax something over to them. If I were you, I would arrive very early at the airport in case anything like this happens, so you won’t miss your flight.
    Have fun in Greece, I envy you! That is my dream destination. Eat as much as you can over there, the food is amazing. Have some Spanakopita for me 🙂

  3. You can take on board any medicene that you NEED. No one will stop you taking this on board with you.
    It’s not controlled, and it’s not enough to cause you harm or problems whilst in flight – so no one will be concerned about you taking it on with you 🙂
    Good luck, i hope it works for you, and i hope it makes your flight a lot more bearable.
    Have a great holiday!

  4. You will be absolutely fine. I travel a lot with work and have to fly long haul. I am terrified of flying and my doctor prescribes me temazepam. I have never been questioned or stopped at customs. As long as the diazepam is in a container in your hand luggage with your name on it and clearly labelled you will be ok. Have a good trip.

  5. As long as the bottle has what medication it is and your name on it it is legal… to save yourself the hassle I would just take it before you get on the plane and then carry it in your carry on bag. There is nothing they can do. I am on xanax and it passed threw for me your medicine is close to the same thing. Should not be a problem. But if your really worried about it call your local airport and ask them they would know for sure… but I am sure it is fine. Good Luck to you

  6. In the U.S., diazepam is a controlled drug. It is a schedule 4 drug. Just keep it in its vial with the pharmacy label, and you should be fine. Bring all medications with you on the plane. I have heard of many stories of people leaving their medications in their checked bags and the bag getting lost.

  7. Yes i can assure you that you will have no problem taking it with you as it is prescribed by your doctor I know this for certain from personal experience I also am prescribed diazepam and have travelled very widely through out the world including to Greece and have never had any problems what so ever

  8. Make sure you have the receipt for your prescription with you. Shouldn’t have any problems as the dosage and amounts will be very low. Avoid alcohol before taking your pills or the airline may think you are drunk, and refuse your flight. Otherwise, just a common or garden tranquiliser. Use the adrenaline to enjoy your flight – and your hols.

  9. I believe that the labeled prescription is sufficient, however if you have questions you should call the airline that you will be flying on and ask them what their policy is, that way you won’t run into problems before your flight.

  10. Diazepam is a controlled substance, however Ativan its kissing cousin is a better drug for anxiety.
    No you should not be stopped, since you have a doctors written script

  11. I think its ok, but just get a letter incase. Its not going to hurt, and at least you will have no issues when it comes time for it.
    make sure you clear it all though.

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