I Take Xanax And Valium In Series 4 Times A Day Is There Any Thing Anyone Can Tell Me About This Combination?

I take 1mg 4 times daily 1 and half tabs at a time, and the same for valium which is at 10 mg. I was wondering about anything useful or potential hazerdous about this combination of drugs. I also take cymbalta at 40mg and tegredol at 600 mg a day. Just want some info or feed back. Thanks!.

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  1. The biggest concern is the potential for addiction. Xanax and Valium are both benzodiazepines. Benzos can be physically addictive if taken daily in high enough doses for more than a few weeks. Serious, and potentially life-threatening, withdrawal syndromes can occur when attempting to go off these drugs. I’m wondering why you’re taking both Xanax and Valium instead of one or the other. Are you taking them short-term for treatment of alcohol withdrawal? Do you have a seizure disorder or bipolar disorder? I’m wondering because Cymbalta is an SSRI antidepressant and Tegretol is an anti-convulsant which can be used for seizure disorders or as a mood-stabilizer. I would not want to stay on the benzos very long unless your doctor deems it absolutely necessary. I HOPE that you’re getting these meds from ONE doctor and not doctor shopping or obtaining them illegally. I don’t know you but I wouldn’t want to see this cause problems for you.

  2. I have no idea as to why you are taking all these meds. But as someone who also takes lots of rx’s, I understand that you will always have questions.
    Same as you I take antidepressants and have experimented on the best times to take them. Dosing is also a something my doctor and I work on.
    Having neurological issues including RLS, I rely on Valerian Root. Wal Mart in my opinion has the best. This is what Valium is made from. So I believe that you may be able to cut that RX and save some money and at the same time take the other meds if you need.
    Good Luck and Take Care

  3. it shouldn’t be a harmful combo, but it is seriously redundant.
    they are nearly the same thing. both benzos. the only negative effect, is that on that high of doses i’m shocked you aren’t too ****** up to type.

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