If You Take A Small Amount Of Valium Will It Calm Your Nerves To Play In A Golf Tournament?

I am playing in a golf tournament and I get crazy nervous.Can I take a small amount of valium (half a pill) to calm my nerves?.

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  1. It would be illegal on Tour, and probably in many competitions. Beta blockers and other anxiety drugs are banned, although I suspect you’re not playing on Tour and won’t be subject to testing.
    When I first started playing competitive golf I suffered from nerves very badly. I had someone mention beta blockers as a remedy, and I took a pass. I figured it was unethical, for one, and I’d never learn to get past the nerves if I had to lean on drugs to help. And what would happen if I had to play someday and didn’t have my drugs? How would I handle it?
    Anyway, long story short, I’m well over my nerves now. I know how it feels to be so worked up that you’re not even sure how you’re swinging the club, much less making contact. But the more you put yourself out there the better it gets, and eventually you don’t even think about it anymore.

  2. Bad Idea.
    non drug idea so focus
    1/ between hits while walking, listen to music
    2/ pretend you are going close to average and no problem (block out the last bad shot or adrenalin inspiring good scores – they will drive you crazy)
    3/ look at the trees as nature, not a hazard. Then you can love walking in nature

  3. JD is spot on…..Pills would be a “bandaid”….Your nerves are due to inexperience and lack of confidence in your game…all being improved each time you play and compete…..I think consentration helps a lot. I think this is one area where pros really speperate from the rest..the level of concentration they are in during play….Can you re-play shots you had from several games ago ???? They seem to be able recall everyone…I think this is true with all sports…..
    Stay away from the drugs..spend your money on more rounds of golf…more experience…and get a mind set that you are going to Kick some Butt !

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