Import Zolpidem (ambien, A Schedule Iv Drug) From Sweden?

I’m a Swedish citizen, and I now live in the US where I’m studying at a university.
Back home, I have a doctor who’s treating me for insomnia, and she prescribes me Zolpidem (a.k.a. Ambien, a schedule IV drug). Since I’m no longer in Sweden, would it be OK for my mom to go to a pharmacy to fill this prescription back home, and then send it to me here in the states via postal mail?
I know there are laws prohibiting people from buying drugs off of Canadian pharmacy websites (that are really Indian/Thai/Etc), but since this is a legit doctor, and the bottle has my name on it, and it’s for 3 months of use, and it’s coming from Sweden, and I need it, etc, would it be OK for my mom to send it to me?
The reason why I want to get it from Sweden is that it’s an expensive drug, and by law you’re only allowed to pay $170 for meds in Sweden in a one-year-period, after which the government pays for the rest. I.e., I get it for free, while here I’d pay hundreds of dollars in a one year period..

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  1. You need to check with US customs. You have to declard the contents of the package, because ti is screened when it enters the US. MAke sure you have a copy of the prescription, I dont see any real legal issues with it, except with the importation.

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