Is 10mg Of Diazepam Too Much To Take When Flying?

I need Diazepam when i’m flying abd usually take 5mg. I’m feeling a little more anxious this time and just wondering is it ok to take 10mg?.

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  1. Start with your normal 5mg dose. If you still feel anxious into the flight, you can probably take a bit more with no problem. Basically, I’d say don’t just assume you’ll need more when you might be fine with the smaller dose.

  2. Yes it is fine to take 10mg. If you have never taken that much before at one time then check with your doc first or be sure you have someone with you as you shouldn’t drive etc if you are that heavily medicated.

  3. IS that how your Dr prescribed it? That sure sounds like a lot. The normal dosage is anywhere from .25 to 1 mg. 10mg sounds very dangerous. Do you take that on a regular basis? I have seen a DR prescribe a 5mg dose but that was before surgery not for flight.
    IF your DR prescribed it in that does than it is safe if not that no it is not safe

  4. It won’t be too much, provided you are not flying the aeroplane!
    Good luck!
    PS- Nichole said 0.25 to 1 mg, that is Alprazolam or something else. Certainly not diazepam. If you are used to taking 5 mg., 10 mg won’t be too much. You may sleep for coupla hours at the most. When there is something like anxiety to counter the sedative effect, seemingly larger dose is really just enough.

  5. Yes, if you are over 100 pounds and at least 15 years old that is still a mild dose, but enough to make you feel better about flying. This is an excellent medication, but the drug is habit forming so be careful with it and don’t drink alcohol when taking it…

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