3 thoughts to “Is Anybody Taking Zolpidem Tartrate Sleeping Tablets?”

  1. Yes, I take it, it is the generic for Ambian. It seems to take affect for me from 1 to 1 1/2 hours after I take it. It does cause me to be very sleepy the next day especially if I don’t take it early enough the night before. I try to take it where I can be in bed for at least a solid 8 hrs AFTER it kicks in (before 9 in my case) to eliminate the sleepies. Another thing I have noticed is it makes me hungry when it starts to take effect, here I am supposed to be going to sleep and I need a nite-nite snack! LOL
    Good luck with it! It does help me sleep where as I couldn’t before.

  2. Ive taken ambien and find it one of the best substitutes for the drug of my choice which is halcion.of course there is the danger getting addicted to it.but as an alternate sl;eeping pill i find it will suffice.i dont feel sleepy the next day at all.there are no side affects at all except for a possible dependency of sleeping pills in general.

  3. The biggest problem with Zolpidem is that they are very addictive. If you take them for 3 nights in a row, withdrawal and increasing problems getting to sleep will be noted on the forth night if you don’t take a pill.
    What this means is that actually they make your underlying insomnia much worse, by rapidly making you dependent on the drug to get even as much sleep as you did before you started them.
    Overall long term users, all of whom are both dependent and addicted, only average an average of an extra 30 minutes sleep, over and above that which they were getting before starting the drug.

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