Is It Advisable To Take Paracetamol While On Homeopathic Treatment?

Can we use paracetamol with homeopathic medicines?
Can a patient, who is taking homeopathic treatnent, use paracetamol to get pain relief for headache?.

3 thoughts to “Is It Advisable To Take Paracetamol While On Homeopathic Treatment?”

  1. A patient on homeopathic treatment should first run far, far away from the homeopath and seek treatment with a conventional physician and not a snake oil salesman. Then when under the care of a proper physician a decision can be made as to whether paracetamol is okay to take.
    Homeopathic medicine is not regarded as having any value in the treatment of the ill or injured patient. It is quackery.

  2. Please note: many people will disrepute Homeopathy; fair to state that everyone is most definatley entitled to their opinion.

    I prefer believing in proven case studies myself; not opinions.

    I have only ever been to seek advice from my GP regarding health concerns approx. 4 times in the 28 years I’ve been living; I have always taken Homeopathy since being child.

    One of the main health concerns I very recently had was that my GP monitored my heart beat and was shocked at the pulse being so slow; after tests and monitoring at the referred hospital, it was found that it was due to the fact that I was and still am, extrememly fit and healthy.

    I appreciate those who appreciate knowledge.

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