Is It Ok To Take A Valium Before Removing My Wisdom Teeth?

I am having them removed in a coupld of hours, and I am very nervous. This will be the first time I have an IV anthestic. When would be the best time to take the valium?.

7 thoughts to “Is It Ok To Take A Valium Before Removing My Wisdom Teeth?”

  1. Bad idea. Could cause a reaction with meds the doctor gives you. Call the clinic and ask them before you take anything. Maybe they will say it’s okay.
    Try to sit up straight and take some slow deep breaths. Visualize that everyone takes good care of you and you are calm and healthy. It will go quickly and soon you will be home eating popsicles.
    Good Luck.

  2. Ask your dentist, I had one here that prescribed Valium for me before I had an extraction. Depends on the level of sedation they are going to put you on. ASK YOUR DENTIST, don’t self medicate.

  3. The IV antistethetic will most likely have valium in it. However if you ask them for something to calm you down, they should be more than willing to give you something that will not interfere with what they give you. In any event, I think it would probably be ok, I took a whole bunch of xanax before they took my tonsils out. (I was 26 at the time.)

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