Is It Ok To Take Valium Before Getting Tattooed?

Every time I get a tattoo I feel faint and my heart races, obviously because of the adrenaline. But its embarrassing because its not like I cant handle it, its just my body going into shock or something. So I thought maybe if I took a couple of Valium before getting my next one, my body might calm down enough so I dont almost pass out!! Just wanna know if there’s any reason why I shouldn’t do this..

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  1. Valium is a relaxant and a blood thinner. It is not a good idea to take before any procedure like a tattoo or piercing because, not just the excessive bleeding, but you tend to dwell on the pain more – rather than less – because you are medicated and having a hard time concentrating on NOT being in pain. Not only this, but if you do become ill, you will be in such a state of relaxation that your artist may not know. There is also an INCREASED chance of fainting because your body is relaxed due to the medication.

  2. No, you shouldn’t take anything before getting a tattoo. The shop I use has a part on their consent form stating that you (the recipient) have not taken any medications or pain killers prior to the tattoo or piercing. Your body shouldn’t be any different so that you can tell the artist if you need to take a break. Take water along, relax, and if need be take someone to talk to with you. Eatting a good meal about an hour before going will help so that your body isn’t hungry. Obviously, you’ve got others so you know it passes. Just deal with it and don’t put anything into your body that could cause a problem.

  3. I believe that when you get tattooed they have you sign a consent form and on there it says that you’re stating that you are not under the influence of anything.

  4. should be fine the person doing the tattoo may ask you to decide what you want and pay for it before you take them so he can say it was definatly wanted but other than that i cant see why not

  5. i personally wouldnt do it, consent forms say you are not under the influance of alcohol or drugs etc so if something happened and they found you had taken them you are stuffed.
    best thing to do is to take a lolly pop or 2 with you, it helps keep your blood sugar level up so should stop you feeling so faint. thats what i done and it seems to work. also make sure you eat before you go!

  6. Personally I would not take them but I bet you could. Stay away from alcohol, Advil, Motrin and most of your pain killers as they thin your blood and make you bleed more. That means they can’t really see what they are doing. If you feel faint then just bring something with sugar like a candy bar with you when you go get the tattoo. If you start to feel faint tell the artist and eat the candy bar. You will feel fine after that. If you don’t have a candy bar most tattoo artist will keep some kind of candy around for people who feel faint. Don’t worry about how you look. Tattoos hurt and you have nothing to prove. Get a good nights rest before you go and it won’t be as bad.

  7. another thing is do you eat before you go? the adrenaline is a factor but it can cause you to have low blood sugar which has the same effect. the Valium should be fine, i don’t see why not, or try motrin 600-800 which will help with the minute swelling and pain.

  8. no you can do that. i do that before i get tattooed. they just dont want you to drink because it thins your blood and you will bleed a lot more. but pills are fine

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