Is It Possible To Be Addicted To Zolpidem Or Ambien?

I know these are supposed to be sedatives, so I’m just wondering how people get addicted (if they do). Are there side effects?.

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  1. The people who get addicted to Zolpidem are those who fight the sedative effects of the drug and thus manage to experience euphoria. Some side effects are as follows:
    * impaired reasoning and judgment
    * delusions
    * uninhibition in interpersonal or social settings
    * hallucinations
    * heightened impulsivity
    * poor motor coordination
    * decreased libido
    * when intake is stopped, rebound insomnia is likely to occur
    * loss of memory for events immediately following a trauma
    * intensified appetite
    When taken for long periods of time, the use of Ambien or Zolpidem may also lead to dependence.

  2. Yes, my mom has been on ambien for over 8 yrs..& has to have them to sleep,,i tried it & I woke up in the night going to the bathroom & ran into the wall ,,& i only used half one!
    the do potentiate memory loss, noted cases on the news told of people actually driving , & going places & don’t even remember it. it’s not a very good choice.

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