Is Liquid Diazepam In Injectable Ampoules Safe To Be Taken Orally Mixed In A Drink?

After recently purchasing what i thought to be were 10mg tablets of diazepam, they were infact 10mg vials, designed to be injected intravenously, and even came with the hyperdermic syringes to match. Thus I don’t fancy injecting and would sooner take it orally, but is it safe to do so? Many Thanks – Rob z000b.

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  1. Please do not drink them. I hate to say it, but you would be better off injecting them. Use a clean needle each time. I am an MA/phlebotomist and i do it daily, it isn’t that hard. Instead of injecting them via the bloodstream (please don’t), inject them into your upper arm muscle. Clean the site you are about to use with alcohol, take the needle (make sure the bevel is up aka the hole), squeeze your arm fat hard so it wont hurt that bad, and stick it in. (you may want to “asparate” or pull the plunger back first to make sure you do not see blood) then push all the liquid in. I promise, it is not as bad as it sounds. Otherwise, do not take it. You do not want to drink it if it was not meant to be drunk. Good luck!!

  2. Duuude why would you want to take that orally if it even came with syringes. Maybe get a friend over who knows what they are doing and have him help you out. Injecting it will hit it much much faster and you will enjoy it more. But obviously yes you can take it orally.

  3. No, it really isn’t safe. The dosage in tablet form and ampoules will be different and potentially very dangerous. I can’t imagine you purchased your meds anywhere legal in the UK, you need to get a prescription from your GP rather than self medicating.

  4. is diazepam not a prescription medicine.
    not sure you should be injecting this if not used previously.
    why dont you contact nhs direct and enquire of them.

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