Is The Overblown Swine Flu 'pandemic' An Excuse To Give Everyone Tamiflu For Some Reason?

Maybe it’s some form of ‘mass-control’ drug which the government wants to distribute as widely as possible.
I think more people probably died yesterday from slipping on banana skins, so is there a worldwide ‘banana skin slippage pandemic’ ?.

4 thoughts to “Is The Overblown Swine Flu 'pandemic' An Excuse To Give Everyone Tamiflu For Some Reason?”

  1. I feel you bro. What gets on my nerves is the media showing all of these pictures of people coughing and wearing masks. I have to wonder if these pictures are really even of people with swine flu. I really got mad when I found out that swine flu has been around for years and this is not the first time there has been an outbreak. I know this is a different strain, but obviously this disease is capable of being controlled.
    This whole “pandemic” seems to just be one media-generated fear tactic.

  2. personally, I don’t think the issue has been “overblown” this is a virus that is spreading rapidly and KILLING people that are otherwise healthy individuals.
    anytime you have a sickness that does not yet have a cure and kills people when they don’t seek treatment within the first 48 hours, people are going to be concerned..

  3. I’m not sure if it’s a ‘mass-control’ drug. I haven’t thought of it that way. The swine flu would sure boost sales for the pharmaceutical companies. Maybe they needed a bonus? Couldn’t be part of the bail out? Who knows?

  4. Very good point! I was just figuring whoever owns Tamiflu might have spread it.. convenient and believable to blame it on the mexicans too, huh?
    The real victims here are the pigs! Shame on Egypt!

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