Is This Tamiflu Capsule Available In The Pharmacy To Buy?

just wondering if our goverment are gonna dish it out free, or get us to go and pay over the counter for it, to save them a few million.(depending of course, if this course of action takes place).

4 thoughts to “Is This Tamiflu Capsule Available In The Pharmacy To Buy?”

  1. It is commonly stocked in pharmacies, but a lot of idiots are getting their idiot doctors to prescribe it when they are not even sick, so it is hard for the actually sick people to find it now.
    But it’s around.
    I don’t know the government’s plans for this.

  2. You can buy it now on private prescription but you have to pay doctor for script and chemist for pills. Total about £50. When it is deemed necessary by your gp it will cost you what you normally pay

  3. I am afraid the stuff is going to run dry soon. Why? Heard that there was one death to the N1-H1 virus today. N1-H1 is the new name for the swine flu virus.

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