My Dog Is Terminally Ill, How Much Valium Would It Take To End This 10 Pound Dogs Life?

10 pound dog with end stage disease. How much valium to end its life?.

12 thoughts to “My Dog Is Terminally Ill, How Much Valium Would It Take To End This 10 Pound Dogs Life?”

  1. This is really sad..don’t do it yourself. If you don’t want to pay for it take him to your local animal “kill” shelter…
    Give him a little more dignity than that….sad….

  2. Dont so anything you are not qualified to do.As for the person with the shooting advice,There’s even a proper way for that in an emergency.As an Animal Control Officer, I have picked up several dogs full of holes because they were shot in the wrong place!And no, the heart is not the answer.Shame on you, even if you were just trying to get a reaction.I think way too many people have access to valium.

  3. I work at a vet, and i cannot tell you how many people have called just within the last WEEK asking this same question…..A responsible vet will not advise this, nor will they give you a dosage. It is animal cruelty, even if the dog is dying. It makes me angry that people even think this way. And to sort of answer your question….There is no set dosage of Valium to be used to euthanize a pet. Therefore it would be a guess. And guess what? I doubt it would work! Now would you really like to see your dog, who is obviously already suffering, go through more pain of seizures, confulsions and other nasty side effects of drug overdose, just to have it live?!?!?! No! I doubt it!!! That is more than likely what would happen, because you don’t know how much to give. And I’m sure you are already thinking this….NO a vet can NOT give you the euthanasia injection to give at home. It is ILLEGAL. Wow…..just please take the dog to the vet. If you can’t afford to have it put down, then call a pound, surrender your dog, and they should be able to get it done….

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