My Friend Has Just Taken A Paracetamol Overdose?

My best friend has taken 80 500mg of Paracetamol. She wont let me help her. She hates hospitals what will happen at the hospital? will she die? will they keep her in? please help..

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  1. 80x 500mg of Paracetamol will almost certainly result in death from liver failure. Your friend needs urgent medical evaluation. Seek help ASAP. Dial 999 NOW!

  2. Call 999/911 immediately! Seek emergency care now!
    Paracetamol/Acetaminophin (Tylenol TM) is lethal at even lower doses than what your friend has taken, and it is notorious for causing long term liver damage or failure in the “lucky” few who survive. Many paracetamol/acetaminophen overdose survivors need liver transplants.
    Regardless of the reason for the ingestion, she needs help NOW. At the hospital they will likely pump her stomach, follow her liver function for a few days and then refer her to a mental healthcare facility as soon as her physical health has stabilized.

  3. Call her parents, tell them do anything, you will regret it so much, you cant just let someone die, its basically up to you if she lives or dies and you dont want blood on your hands and thinking in the future why didnt i? Tell someone , you may not want to because its disloyal and you may get in trouble but would you get in more trouble for getting help for someone who may die or telling someone you knew they were going to die but didn’t do anything.

  4. for gods sake call an amblance if she has taken an overdose, just dont tell her, if she dosnt she most likely will die, when she gets to hospital they will keep her in for observation and will probably give her psychiactric help.

  5. whether she does not like hospitals or not get her there noe and i mean now you cant muck about with stuff like this she needs medical attention,asap and hopefully no damage has occured,after that she will get proffesional help

  6. Why are you on yahoo answers!????
    You should be on the phone dialling 999!
    It doesn’t matter what your friend wants, you have to do whats right.

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