7 thoughts to “Phentermine… Reductil Or Acomplia?”

  1. Reductil worked for me i lost 4st in the lear that i was allowed to take it. I had to come off it and put most of the weight back on but it works.

  2. The bad news is that though these drugs often work in studies, they seldom seem to in the community where there is so little control over calorie intake and exercise. The worst news is that so called dieters, who are effectively looking for something to lose weight for them in fact seem doomed to fail with 2 in actually ending up HEAVIER n the longer term. Weight loss, toning and fitness just can’t happen without willpower and commitment it seems!
    The problem with your question is that if you look in “search for questions” it comes up 30 times every day. I have had some criticism for repeatedly using the same answer, but since I am happy with my answer, and the questions are the same, I don’t see the issue with recycling the same answer.
    In practise for problems that came up on a regular basis we tended to use patient leaflets to avoid having to repeat ourselves this seemed a sensible use of resources. What follows is thus in effect me information leaflet.
    Weight loss and fitness is always a long term commitment and never a quick fix. If you really want to reduce your weight a bit, this is a complex regime, that should help, I would get a pencil to write it down, in case you forget any of the intricate details.
    Currently only using the criteria ‘lose weight’ there are 9,419 questions and answers on Answers already. Mis-spell it as ‘loose weight’ and you get another 2,633! ‘Weight loss’ will add another 1,883. ‘Too fat ‘ 15,515 and ‘overweight’ 2,692 and ‘over weight’ 26,269!!!!!.
    ‘Diet Pills’ gives 607, Green tea 482, Hoodia 195, ‘pink patch’ 119, ‘Xenical’ 91 ‘Reductil’ 78, ‘Slim fast’ 215 (and Slimfast 69 ), lipotrim 44 and ‘orlistat’ 40 . Do you spot a pattern here? OMG that is 60,000 questions with the same basic theme, wanting to lose weight!
    Here comes the only answer, no tricks, no pills, no short cuts, If you really want to lose weight, loose weight, not be too fat or overweight, follow these instructions carefully:-
    1) Eat less
    2) Take regular vigorous exercise
    Repeat 1 + 2 forever

  3. phentermine …….all the way girl I took it and lost about 30 lbs in about two months, although I was working out as well a-lot! and I felt great while on it (rush) but it does have a bad side affect when your off of it you might get a bit moody, you just have to make sure you sleep enough to not get that side affect! But other than that I love that pill!!!!

  4. Serious answer?Ok.. NEITHER are of any use. There is only ONE way to lose weight, a healthy reduced calorie diet, and regular vigorous exercise. This will not be effective long term and can cause other health complications.

  5. i taken phentermine an had lots of sucsess i think i lost 10 pounds in 2weeks but u can lose alot more if u exsercise. its hard 2 get if ur doc wont give it 2 u

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