Pregnant, Would U Take Tamiflu For Swine Flu?

Im six months pregnant with bub number 2!!
and i just want to know if anyone has taken or known of a pregnant woman who has taken tamiflu when diagnosed with swine flu..???
and, also mums to be—- would u take medication for swine flu if u got it??
please dont answer if u are going to say- dont stress about it unless u get swine!! i just want other pregnant womans opinions!
thanks 🙂.

2 thoughts to “Pregnant, Would U Take Tamiflu For Swine Flu?”

  1. Having conceived and birthed 4 children, I am very familiar with the state of pregnancy. 🙂
    While not one prone to over-worry, I also don’t like to be one to stick my head in the sand and take things “as they come”. I prefer to live by the mentality “Best if prepared”. People who don’t think ahead are the ones who get caught off-guard and make bad choices.
    Before taking any over-the counter drug, you need to find out from your doctor or a pharmacist if it is safe to take during pregnancy. That would be my big concern. They are constantly upgrading and changing what is considered “safe”, “not safe” and “unknown”. If it was not safe I would not take it. If it was safe, I’d take it. I’d have some serious considering to do if it was one of the unknowns. BTW, you can call any pharmacist and ask them to tell you if it is on the safe list or not. 😉 You can also search for it online by searching on the name of the drug + pregnancy.
    I had a friend that was taking a drug for anxiety when she was pregnant. Her doctor swore to her it was safe. (She was willing to go off during the pregnancy) When the baby was born, she had horrible heart defects, as well as other defects. And then a few months later, she learned of a whole group of defects (including heart defects and the others the girl suffers from) associated with taking the drug. Her daughter would have been fine if not for the drug her doctor swore was safe, and she still blames herself. It’s so sad…
    So knowing this, I have always been absolutely crazy-vigilant about what I put in my body when pregnant. Unless my very life depended on it, I would risk it < >.
    As for the swine flu, it is mostly hyped up by the media, who is bored with (and knows everyone is sick of hearing about) the economy. Only people who are in poor health or have underlying health issues are dying. The rest are just feeling miserable for a couple weeks, same as if they got the regular flu. No fun, but not deadly.
    Good luck with you #2! I wish you a speedy delivery!

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