Reductil Doesn't Work Because Of Antidepressents?

I’ve started to take Reductil since two weeks ago but haven’t lost any weight. I take the combination of antidepressent pills: Zoloft, Epilim, and Lamictal at the same, do they interfere with Reductil??
Or is it because I’ve lost 13 pounds in one month and have reached the weight plateau?.

One thought to “Reductil Doesn't Work Because Of Antidepressents?”

  1. i started taking reductil 2 weeks ago as well, i seem to have lost 3 kilos. it has killed my cravings for chocolate and fast food and i seem to be satisfied with 3 small meals and 2 snacks a day with no junk food
    My doc told me reductil was an anti depressant and no other anti depressant should be taken with them. I am not on any anti depressants so that i can’t tell you

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