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  1. I was on it for about six months. I found that it did cure the hunger but I still had to have the will power to say no to food, as I discovered that I used to eat food for the sake of eating it and not because I needed it. However I did have to come off of it as it sent my blood pressure sky high. If you give it a go good luck!!!

  2. side-effects oh my god mood swings my family said they were all going to leave me i was really bad dry mouth as well drove me mad and my sleeping went out the window didn’t sleep for hours and all that sh it i went through didn’t lose any weight. i kept the tablets so when my ironing is building up i take one then my ironing gets done lolololol

  3. I just started taking reduciil today.My friend has lost 6 stone in under a year and my other friend 1 stone in 2 weeks.I have had to stop taking my anti depressants today which i have been on 4 8 years so i am expecting to feel a bit off at first.I didn’t feel hunger pangs today but still ate but not as much.I feel a bit sick as well and moody.I have heared loads of people have lost weigt with them and when you go to the loo….oil,greese..fat…is supposed to float on top of your stools.I have not been yet.Its so expensive to buy on line but i got it free as i am on the n.h.s.anyway thats all i know so far hope i helped.louloux

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