Should I Take All 10 Tamiflu Pills?

I started taking tamiflu, and after getting through the first pill and the wonderful fight with nausea as my body got used to it, and the second pill the next morning, my fever disappeared, and all I have left of my flu is what it gave me: my bronchitis. So since my fever is gone, should I still keep taking tamiflu? Would it make any difference for my bronchitis? I’d like to know cause I already missed a couple doses..

5 thoughts to “Should I Take All 10 Tamiflu Pills?”

  1. Umm, YES!
    Tamiflu stops the virus from replicating. If you stop taking it before your immune system gets rid of the remaining virus particles then you’ll get sick again.

  2. If you’ve already missed a couple, it’s unlikely to do you any good. It isn’t as if it’s important in young, healthy people anyway. The risk of serious complications is tiny, and Tamiflu on average when taken properly only makes about one day’s difference in symptoms, and in a disease that lasts ten to fourteen, one day is usually not worth bothering with. Also, “bronchitis” really only means you’re coughing, and it’s hard to imagine a case of flu without the cough, so again, if you’re young and have no chronic illnesses, it’s not a big deal one way or the other.

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