Should We Start Stocking Up On Tamiflu In Case Of A Major Swine Flu Pandemic?

I hate to burst your bubble about Tamiflu, but it isn’t all its cracked up to be. They’ve been using it to treat Avian flu around the world & they’ve found out that strains of the virus are developing an immunity to it.
You can read about it here:…
There is a reason why they’re calling this an international emergency. Unless they come to grips with this problem soon, we’re in for a rocky ride..

8 thoughts to “Should We Start Stocking Up On Tamiflu In Case Of A Major Swine Flu Pandemic?”

  1. no, tamiflu will likely do nothing in this case.
    Tamiflu is all that doctors have to combat the flus that jump species (bird flu and swine flu) and so bird flu has become very resistant to it.
    the strain of “swine flu” going around is actually a combo strain of human flu, bird flu, and swine flu.
    also, even with no resistance you have to medicate within the first 24 hrs to get noticeable results and beyond 48 hrs it will do nothing.

  2. Governments have been stockpiling on flu treatments such as Tamiflu and Relenza since the Bird Flu scare a few years back. The British government for example said they had stockpiled enough for half their population (30million) at a cost of about a billion dollars.
    The problem we have is that it seems treatable but highly contagious and then add the fact no is immune from it because there is no vaccine at the moment

  3. Three weeks back Bird flu was reportedly transported by the Department of homeland Security in USA…
    Who benefits from Swine Flu Pandemic?
    The swine flu outbreak is likely to benefit one of the most prolific and successful venture capital firms in the United States: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Thomson Reuters Private Equity Week reported on Friday.
    Shares of the two public companies in the firm’s portfolio of eight Pandemic and Bio Defense companies — BioCryst Pharmaceuticals (BCRX.O) and Novavax (NVAX.O) — jumped Friday on news that the swine flu killed a reported 60 people in Mexico and has infected people in the United States.
    And here is more ….
    Baxter: Product contained live bird flu virus
    The company that released contaminated flu virus material from a plant in Austria confirmed Friday that the experimental product contained live H5N1 avian flu viruses.
    And an official of the World Health Organization’s European operation said the body is closely monitoring the investigation into the events that took place at Baxter International’s research facility in Orth-Donau, Austria…

  4. no by all means stay away from vaccines. that is the cause of almost all major outbreaks. study shows that people that get vaccinated are more likely to develop the very disease the vaccine is supposed to protect us from. eat healthy and keep your human contact minimum. wash your hands frequently and youll make it through this. do not use hand sanitizers, they do not kill viruses. soap and water is all you need. our bodies have a natural defense against most viruses. vaccines have shown to cause all sorts of problems and even death. just look at the Amish. they dont get vaccinated and they are fine. explain that one.
    heres a link with real life stories of eople who do not vaccinate their children. the stories are amazing. they have much healthier kids.

  5. I don’t understand why everyone freaks out about all these things, it is the MEDIA that always hypes all this stuff up!! All of the “horrible flus and pandemics” that have come in the past 50 years haven’t killed even close to the number of people as drunk driving, smoking or being incredibly fat but you don’t see anyone flipping out about that stuff!

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